Impotence of Proofreading

Many people want to find information about the impotence of proofreading by searching on the internet.

Are you one of them?

Or would you prefer to read an article about the importance of proofreading? Proofreading anything you write or type is very important. I can offer you lots of help with proofreading and explaining the importance of proofreading on this site.

However I’m not too sure exactly what the impotence is (I’m not a medical doctor); other than a wonderful example of why proofreading is important.

If you’re still not sure of the difference between the impotence and importance of proofreading I suggest that you look-up both words in a dictionary now. Lookup:

  • Impotence
  • Importance
The impotence of proofreading should not be confused with the importance.

Do you understand the difference now?

Quite a big difference in meaning between the two words due to two small changes in the spelling (the addition of an ‘r’ and an ‘e’ changed to an ‘a’).

So ask yourself, ‘Why did I search for information about the impotence of proofreading? Did I really mean importance of proofreading? Does the fact I made that mistake mean I really do need help with proofreading?’

So, no matter what you’re writing, whether it’s:

it needs to be correct. You need to present your writing well, that means you need to minimise the small mistakes, such as, using impotence instead of importance. This is the sort of mistake that you should be able to correct when proofreading your own document. I haven’t written this page to make fun of you and your mistake, just to show how easy it is to make mistakes when writing or typing quickly. Especially when searching for a topic such as proofreading, which I would expect to have a positive benefit on your writing as you should be paying attention to it.

Knowing that you need to check for mistakes to improve the quality of your writing is just the first step, but it’s the most important step. If you don’t know you’ve to check for mistakes you won’t be able to correct them and get better.

There are lots of useful resources for you in this site, in the proofreading section, such as a checklist and list of techniques and tips. However if you’d like a professional proofreader to look at your writing you can go to the page about my proofreading service or my free trial, if you want to see what sort of improvements I could make before submitting your whole document to me.

Alternatively you can visit the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page where I’m happy to answer your questions and offer advice.

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