Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing is different from writing an essay.

When you’re writing a research paper your main goal is to present your data. The whole paper is constructed around showing and explaining what your research was and what it means.

Most university and college students will need to write research papers. Taking time to master and understand the skills need for research paper writing will help you in the long run.

Writing research papers is still part of academic writing, so you’ll need to follow the academic writing process and if you’re unsure, you can make sure you know all the academic writing skills you need to.

Research Paper Ideas

Research paper writing is the style of writing used to report research results.

The first part of the research paper writing process is to develop a research paper idea about which to write. The topic needs to be something that you’re interested in and will be viable. You need to be able to get to the experimental sites (if you’re doing a field based project) or make sure that your department has all the equipment you want to use.

While the task of choosing the topic might seem daunting it’s not too difficult as long as you take time to think through all your options. The topic needs to be related to the topic of your degree course and the class that you’re taking.

It’s quite possible that one of the staff in your department will have a topic that you’d like to work about. Look at the list of topics on offer in your department.

Research Paper Format

When reporting academic results in a research paper it needs to be written in the correct format for a research paper.

This means that the language an academic audience would expect to see needs to be used. Make sure that you use the correct word choices and formats such as the passive voice.

Also check that the details such as the page numbering, line spacing and margins are set so that they conform to the guidelines published by your department.

The format of the paper also needs to follow the outline that would be found in academic and scientific writing.

Research Paper Outline

When doing research paper writing you need to follow the conventions that are used in academic writing and some of these are related to the research paper outline.

You need to write your paper in the same way other authors would, so that the readers can compare the information in each paper and make judgements about which one offers better information. This means that all the sections in the paper need to follow the following order:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Materials and methods
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendix

If you follow this format and advice given on the page about the research paper outline it’ll help you write a good research paper that conveys all the information to its reader.

Research Paper Service

There are many different writing and proofreading services offered on the internet to help you with your research paper writing or even write it for you. This section will explain the different levels of service offered and what the benefits or drawbacks of each type of research paper service are.

For some of the services, such as the fully comprehensive, the drawbacks aren’t worth the benefits. In this case you are cheating and will be accused of plagiarism if you’re caught.

Research Paper Proofreading

When you’ve written your research paper you’ll need to proofread and copyedit it.

This final stage of the writing process is where you can perfect the English language used so that the contents of the paper aren’t obscured by any mistakes in the spell or grammar. While the contents are the most important part it’s also important to proofread your research paper. Too many students don’t take the necessary time to proofread their papers and so loose marks needlessly.

If you don’t have time to proofread or copyedit your paper I can help. You can use my proofreading service to make sure that the language in your paper is perfect before you submit it.

For any help you can visit the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page. I’m happy to answer your questions or offer advice on this page.

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