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Proofreading books is slightly different from proofreading shorter documents. A book is a more complex document. There’s more to a book than a shorter document.

This means that copyediting a book or proofreading a book is a longer process than reading and correcting a shorter document (as there are more words, it takes a longer time).

Each chapter within a non-fiction book can be similar to a single document, with an introduction, main points and conclusion.

Online proofreading is more than just proofreading; it often also includes aspects of copyediting as well. This means that when proofreading books a proofreader will also look at the style and format of the text and language used. A book will look professionally written, if the style used throughout the book is consistent.

Proofreading books takes quite a long time.

If using a professional proofreader the larger size of a book can also lead to economies of scale. You should get a good deal on the price. Look out for, or ask for, a discount when trying to find an online proofreader. Most sites publish prices for documents under 20,000 words. Where as a book will be significantly longer than this.

But if you want to proofread your own document or book, you can divide it into manageable pieces. Don’t try to proofread your whole book from cover to cover. Just work on one chapter at a time.

This way you’ll be able to finalize each chapter before moving onto the next. You can use all the different techniques or tips you need to, form the proofreading techniques and tips pages, until you're happy with each chapter.

Then when you’ve finished writing your whole book and have proofread and corrected each chapter you can do a final full book proofread, where you read and correct any final mistakes by reading your manuscript from cover to cover.

Try to integrate your proofreading and writing. Once you’ve got the first couple of chapters written, start to do proofreading and writing at the same time. Proofread your previous writing while also writing new content. This'll enable you to complete your book sooner, as you won’t have to do all the proofreading at the end.

If you need help with the proofreading of your book I can help. See the page about my proofreading service or the contact me page to ask me any questions or request a quote.

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