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SEO writing or search engine optimization writing is the style of writing that many writers use when writing material for the internet.

You could be writing for websites, your own site or writing web content for someone else’s site, you’ll need to be aware of keywords and placement in the article.

Writing SEO text is all about telling the search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc.) what the webpage or article is about. It’s for the search engines and not human visitors.

It's better to use Site Build Its tools than worry about SEO writing yourself.

Each page that you write needs to be focused around a key word. That’s the word which defines the topic of the webpage; it’s the word that people will type into the search engine to find information and hopefully your page. The keyword doesn’t need to be just a single word; it’s quite possible to have a keyword phrase. A keyword that is really two, three or more words long. It’s best not to have a keyword phrase that’s too long. Three words, is usually plenty long enough.

No matter whether the keyword is one or more words long it’s still called just a keyword.

Where Should the Keyword Go?

In SEO writing the key word should go in several places, both in the page itself and in the information about the page.

For the page information it should be in the following (only once in each):

  • In the page title
  • First in the list of keywords about the page
  • In the page description

In the body of the page, that’s the text that people will read when viewing the site it should be in:

  • The title (once)
  • In the first sentence (once)
  • Near the end (in the last paragraph) (once)
  • Distributed throughout the rest of the page

Every SEO expert you ask will have a different answer as to how much a keyword should be distributed throughout a page. Remember:

  • You’ll be penalised if it appears too often.
  • You need to keep the page easy to understand for human readers (they’re more important than the search engines), so don’t use unnatural sentence structures just to fit the keyword in one more time.
  • The density of the keyword should be about 3-5%.

Is There a Better Way?

If you’re not an SEO expert already there’s a much better way to make sure that you write good webpages. That's to use Site Build It (SBI) to host your website and guide you through the website building process.

For one inclusive price they have a tool to help you with just about everything you need to do to make a website.

This includes the Analyze It tool which looks at each page you make and tells you what’s wrong with it. It’ll tell you if the keywords are in the wrong places or if you’ve used too many or too few.

The SBI way really works. Have a look at all these successful sites made using the SBI tools.

If you need any help writing your webpages or just need them checked to make sure that they’re written correctly you can use my proofreading service. Also you can come to the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page to ask me about writing your webpages or anything about Solo Build It.

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