What’s Good Website Content?

What's a good website?


  • A site with lots of visitors?
  • A site that makes you money?
  • A site with loyal readers?
  • A site that makes people go ‘wow’ (in a good way)?
  • A site you enjoy running?
  • And many other reasons as well.

But they all depend on the content. Good websites are about good or great content.Web surfers want good website content. No matter what the content is, they want it. It could be:

Good website content is vital.
  • About Spain
  • About pet snakes
  • About where to study
  • About writing
  • Or funny pictures of cats

If your site doesn’t have content, the visitors (you do get) won’t come back. There are millions of other sites on the web. To even stand a basic chance of getting noticed, your website needs good or great content, as a minimum.

No one other than you can make great content for your site.

There are places where you can buy content, but free or cheep content will be poor quality and probably not original. While good and original content will be very expensive.

Original Content

This leads to the most important point about website content – it must be original.

Most people will find your website through search engines (like Google or Yahoo) and search engines know all the information on the web. They know if your content is original or not. They know the dates that the content was published. If it’s not original they'll penalise the position in which they show your website in the results from searches.

Most people don't look past the top ten or twenty sites in search results, so any penalty will push you out of sight from most searchers.

So to be sure that your content is original (and affordable) you need to write it yourself. This way you know that it'll only be on your own site.

The Topic of your Website

Hopefully your website is about a topic that you like and are knowledgeable about. This could be something that you've been interested in for a long time or something that you know a lot about from your job.

If you like and are interested in a topic, but don’t know too much about it, it’s ok. In this situation you'll enjoy doing the research needed to become an expert on the topic so that you can present the information to your readers.

And if you're already knowledgeable about the topic but don't really like or enjoy it, it's ok as well. You know the information, you're an expert, so all you've to do is write the content and present it to your readers.

Remember most of the people searching for the information are doing so because they don’t know anything about the topic. You're an expert. You might not feel it but you are. You know more than most of your visitors do.

Writing Good Content

But how do I write good content (or any content), I’m not a writer?

This is all to do with the language and words you use when writing, as explained on the website language page. You should also look at the website presentation page for some advice about how to present your content and language to your visitors.

The website content on each page needs to be focused to specific words and phrases that searchers and the search engines look for when finding information. These are important, but only up to a point.

Some websites will lead you to believe that optimizing your pages continually, trying to trick the search engines into ranking your page high in the results, is what you should be doing. This won’t work (it might in the short term but not long term, as the search engines get better at understanding the content rather than just the key words).

The keywords are only so important. What the search engines really rank as important is how your visitors respond when on your site. Such as how many pages does each one look at and how long do they spend on the site.

The only way to get your visitors to stay on your site is to give them good content.

A Way to Make Your Website

I would suggest that you look at this webpage and free e-book about webpage content, if you want to know more about writing website content that'll make your visitors stay on your page. It's a very large topic and they'll be able to give you a much better description than I can about good content and why it's the most important part of building a website.

Don’t worry; it works. I used it and your reading my website aren’t you?

But once you've created your content remember it needs to look good. That means no spelling or grammar mistakes. If you need help with this part of creating website content look at my page about website proofreading. If you need any help or would like to ask some questions you can visit the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page where I’d be happy to help you. You can also keep up to date with all new additions to this site at my Facebook page.

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