Writing a Business Thank You Note

Good business is to do with developing relationships and one way is by writing a business thank you.

Doing business is all about interacting with other people and forming relationships with them. Much business is done on trust that the other party will meet their end of the agreement. Yes there’ll be contacts and possible penalties with lawyers involved if a contact isn’t fulfilled. But this often comes too late to stop the damage and can only repaired so much.

Writing a business thank you can help to build relationships.

So basically each party is trusting the other party to fulfil their obligations. Before someone can trust you they need to be able to develop a relationship with you: a relationship in which they feel comfortable doing business with you.

There are many ways that you can develop this relationship, and they all take time. Many of the ways will be through business communication letter writing or business email writing. But there are some small extra things that can be done to help, such as writing business thank you notes.

Writing a business thank you note will also help keep a well developed business relationship strong and up to date. As, if the relationship isn’t maintained it’ll reduce in value.

When Should I Send a Business Thank You Note?

A thank you note needs to be sent for a suitable reason. If a note is sent for no reason or a trivial reason it won’t be seen as having value. The person receiving the note knows when they deserve it and when they don’t. In business, good should be the normal state: so a good job wouldn’t deserve a thank you note, it needs to be better than just good for you to send a thank you note.

Send a note when:

  • Someone has done an especially good job.
  • Someone has really helped you in a difficult situation, for example, getting the work done faster than normal to meet your deadline.
  • Someone has done something extra special to try to help you out.

If you’re just starting a new business relationship with someone you could send a thank you note:

  • At the end of the first successful job or contact.
  • When the payment has been received.

Also if you’ve been for a job interview you should send a thank you note.

No matter why you’re sending the note, send it quickly. The note needs to be received when the reason is fresh in the memory of the recipient. If it arrives several months latter it shows that you didn’t think it was important enough to send quickly. If this is the case don’t bother sending a note at all.

How to Write a Business Thank You Note

When writing a business thank you it should still be formal as its being sent in a business situation.

  • Send it on your headed letter paper or company letter paper (if you don’t have this use the same format as for the proper business letter format) rather than sending a thank you card.
  • Use a greeting such as dear and the recipient’s full name and title. This should be the person who has really helped. It’ll be more personal if you address it to someone rather than a whole section or department. If you need to thank a whole group of people you should address it to the team leader or department head and they can display the letter if appropriate.
  • The note can be written with a slightly less formal approach but should still use professional language.
  • Don’t assume they’ll know who you are so start the note by explaining why you’re sending the note.
  • Keep the note short and to the point.
  • Use a formal closing for the note but you can sign it with just your first name if you know the recipient quite well.

Make sure that the note is well written and there aren’t any spelling or grammar mistakes. See the page about business proofreading for why this is important and how to find any mistakes.

If you need any help with writing a business thank you can come to the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page where I’d be happy to answer your questions. Also see the page about my proofreading service.

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