Business Introduction Letter

A business introduction letter would be written for two reasons. The first is to introduce your business or product to new clients or other businesses and the second is to introduce a person.

A business introductory letter could help you set up a meeting with a new customer.

No matter which type of introductory letter you’re writing you need to use correct business letter formats and language. Business communication letter writing explains about how to write a business letter and what types of language you should use while the business letter layout page shows the shapes that the letter could take. The page about proper business letter format gives important information about the presentation of the letter.

An introductory letter is very important so it’s important that you make sure it’s been written properly and is in the format that a business person reading it would expect.

Letter Introducing your Business

This type of business introduction letter is designed to quickly enhance your business. It can be used to introduce a new business or a new product from an existing business.

This type of letter aims to gain your business new clients or investors.

It would be the first sheet of paper in a package of information that could include your business plan or product description/brochure.

It would be the first thing the receiver of the information would read; and, as such it might have not much more than 10 seconds to persuade the person to read more, to read the rest of the package. If the business introduction letter doesn’t do its job fast your whole business plan could just be binned.

The person reading your letter might be very busy and if they don’t see what’s in it for them very quickly they won’t be interested.

Use proper business letter format for this letter, and in the main body of the letter:

  • The first sentence should explain why they should read your business plan. This could be due to common interests, the reputation of the receiver’s company or a request for the information from the receiver or someone else in the company. If you’ve met the person previously or seen them speak mention it.
  • The second sentence should highlight the main selling point from the business proposal or brochure. This shows what the receiver will get out of the relationship.
  • In the third sentence explain why you, or your business, are credible. Why the receiver should believe that you can make the statement from sentence two come true.
  • In the fourth and last sentence explain what you'd like or will do next. You can ask for an appointment or say that you’ll call for a conversation in a couple of days. Remember to follow up. If you’ve not received a request for an appointment in a couple of days call and request one. If you say you’ll call for a discussion, do so, when you said you would.

Remember to spend plenty of time getting the letter right. Do business proofreading to make sure there aren’t any mistakes and read it many times to get it just right.

Letter Introducing a Person

A letter of introduction for a person is different from a business cover letter for a business resume or a letter containing a reference for someone.

This type of letter introduces someone or a company that you believe would be useful for the recipient to know about.

In this type of letter you should:

  • Introduce the person and explain why you’re introducing them. Focus this information so that it’s tailored to the person or company that’ll receive the letter.
  • Include background information about the person or company you’re introducing, such as qualifications and experience.
  • Include contact information for the person but don’t suggest that the receiver of the letter has to act on it. The letter’s just for their information and they can choose to act on the information if they want to.
  • Thank the receiver for considering the person or company you’ve introduced.

General Points about Business Introductory Letters

If you need any help making sure that your business introduction letter is perfect you can use my proofreading service or ask me questions at the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page.

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