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This page will offer help writing business plan for your new business venture as writing a clear and concise business plan is very important.

This page will explain how to approach writing the plan and then give some hints and tips to help write a business plan.

There’s other information about how to write a good business plan in the page about writing business plans, and the pages about writing an effective business plan 1 and effective business plan 2 which explain the sections of a business plan and the information that should be included in each.

How to Approach the Plan

Take your time to plan and then write your business plan.

Many people need help writing business plan.

Make notes and get everything ready for when you start to write. You need to make sure that your business plan stands out to the investors you’re trying to attract. This will be easier, if when you start to write you’ve all the information at hand and can just concentrate on crafting the best plan possible.

Make a profile of the type of investor you want. Then focus your plan on them. Include the type of information they would need to see. Your job is to make the plan as easy for them to read as possible.

Most investors (either at a bank or private individuals) will get many, many business plans to look at and make a decision about. If your plan is easy to read and presents the information in a clear way they’ll be much more likely to study your plan than reject it after a quick scan of the executive summary.

Your plan needs to be comprehensive; it needs to include all the information the investor could want to know, but also concise, so try to keep to the point.

Make sure that everything matches and there aren’t any contradictions. For example, all your figures must match and add-up. Also make sure any graphs or tables you include contain the same facts as the text. Any mistakes in the data will reduce your credibility for running a business and damage the chance of you getting funding from the investor.

Remember to backup and include your reasons/evidence for each statement you make. The plan needs to convince the investor that you’ve got a viable business proposition.

Hints and Tips for You to Help Writing Business Plan

  • You can use software to help writing business plan but much of this will focus on the financial side so you’ll still need to do all the hard work for the other parts, but this should at least help you get your figures correct.
  • Get advice from someone who’s independent (not connected to you or your business) and experienced at developing businesses. They’ll be able to see any mistakes you’ve made and offer suggestions to make the plan better.
  • While the focus of the plan will be on the information it contains the presentation is also important. The plan needs to look professional and be well presented for the investor to take it seriously.
  • Make sure that the plan doesn’t contain any spelling or grammar mistakes. See the page about business proofreading for help with correcting these or the English proofreading section. Consider getting someone else who hasn’t seen the plan previously to proofread it for you. They’ll be able to find a lot of the mistakes you’ll miss as you’re too close to the plan.

If you need any help with proofreading your plan you can go the page about my proofreading service and get me to help correct your business plan. If you’d like to ask me any questions you can go to the contact me page or the Excellent Proofreading and Writing Facebook page.

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